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LAVÍN Abogados & Consultores is formed by a professional team highly capable and experienced, specialized in providing legal services and technical consultancy on the environmental, energy, mining, water, maritime concessions and natural resources in general areas.

In taxes matter, LAVÍN Abogados & Consultores is characterized for providing comprehensive legal-accounting advice in tax planning and management, corporations and business restructuring and reorganization, both for family and company groups. 

We also provide services to our clients on corporate, infrastructure, real estate and customs areas and financial (including IFRS standards), accounting and tax auditories. 


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  • Legal services on Projects Environmental Impact Assessment. 

  • Legal services on EIA and DIA processes, Modifications and Queries.

  • Complaint, Invalidation and Constitutional Appeals.

  • Processing of sectoral and other permits for project operations.

  • Defense in sanctioning processes by the environmental authorities and other public services.

  • Preparation of Environmental Compliance Programs.

  • Legal reports and opinions on environmental matters.

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Maritime Concessions

  • Legal services on the application, modification, assignment, lease, and renewal of matrtime and aquaculture concessions.

  • Preparation of legal opinions and legal reports on maritime and aquaculture concessions.

  • Defense in inspection and sanctioning processes.

  • Administrative Appeals.

  • Maritime concessions due diligence processes.


Tax Accounting 

  • Specialized tax compliance consulting services.

  • General tax services for companies and indiviiduals.

  • Companies financial restructuring and reorganization.

  • Tax payer´s defense before the tax authorities.

  • Tax obligations compliance.

  • Monthly accounting services.

  • Wages payment services.


  • Application for electrical concessions.

  • Power supply contracts

  • Public and private tenders

  • Connection and toll contracts

  • Private hiring for the development of construction, engineering and supply projects, etc.

  • Regulatory matters for electricity, gas and fuels.

  • Advisory before the Panel of Experts.

  • Legal and environmental due diligence for projects.

  • Administrative and legal litigation.

  • Legal reports.

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Mining and water

  • Establishment of mining property and water rights.

  • Easements, permits and authorizations.

  • Due Diligence for mining property (land registries) and water rights.

  • Administrative and judicial litigation, including easements.

  • Legal Opinions.


Real Estate

  • Planning, financing, adqusition regularization, implementation and sales of real estate projects.

  • Real estate Due Diligence.


Corporate – Mergers and Adquisitions

  • Business Structuring.

  • Mergers and adquisitions.

  • Business and/or companies transfers.

  • Due Diligence Processes.

  • Shareholders and partners incoproration and exits.

  • Shareholders or partners agreements.

  • Joint ventures and associations.


Infrastructure and Projects

  • EPC, EPCM, BOT, etc. Contracts.

  • Public and Private Tenders.

  • Public work concessions contracts.

  • Project Finance.



  • Socialization and negotiation with directly and indirectly affected communities.

  • Strategic consultancy for community relations.

  • Strategic work plans development and support on communities working sessions.


Land Planning

  • Legal identification of property ownership.

  • Real estate selection and purchase.

  • Real Estate Due Diligence.

  • Indemnification valuation.

  • Easement negotiation.