At LAVÍN Abogados & Consultores we are always concerned about being at the cutting-edge of legal services and thats why we are structured on the basis of, first, a team of a experienced professionals, with a history closely linked to the business world and with postgraduate studies and an active participation in the academic world.

Also, through our alliances and synergies, we provide comprehensive services in the environmental, natural resources and tax-accounting areas, as well as in civil, criminal, administrative and arbitration litigation and disputes, all with highly qualified professionals and outstanding expertise.




Julio Lavín Valdés

Practice areas > Environmental Law, Maritime and Aquaculture Concessions, Sanitary Services and Administrative Litigation.

Current Member of the Arbitrators Center of the Santiago Chambers of Commerce.

Recognized as “Environment Senior Statesmen of the year” (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018) by Chambers and Partners Latin America. 

Master of Political Science, Universidad de Chile (1989). (+562) 3245 2700 · Annex 101


Rodrigo Lavín De Tezanos Pinto

Practice areas > Tax Planning and Management, Taxpayer Defense, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions.

Master in Tax Management and Direction, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile (2014).  (+562) 3245 2700 · Annex 102


Andrés Del Favero Braun

Practice areas  > Environmental Law, Maritime and Aquaculture Concessions, Mining, Projects and Corporate Law.

Master of Laws (LL.M) University of Pennsylvania (2014) and Wharton Business and Law Certificate, Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania joint program (2014). (+562) 3245 2700 · Annex 103


Roberto Sepúlveda Olavarría

Practice areas  > Energy, Electrical Concessions, Projects, Real Estate, Corporate Law and Administrative Litigation.

Master of Laws in Energy & Environmental Law (LL.M.) Tulane Law School (2014).  (+562) 3245 2700 · Annex 105



Pedro Ortúzar Ortúzar

Practice areas  > Tax, Corporate Law, Real Estate.

Master of Laws (LL.M) Indiana University (2017). Law Degree, Universidad de Los Andes, Chile, Attorney at law (2014). ( +562) 3245 2700 · Annex 110


Gonzalo Lavín De Tezanos Pinto

Practice areas  > Environmental Law, Maritime and Aquaculture Concessions, Communities and Administrative Litigation.

Law Degree, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Attorney at law (2014).  (+562) 3245 2700 · Annex 109


Arturo Lavín De Tezanos Pinto

Practice areas  > Energy, Real Estate, Environmental Law and Communities.

Law Degree, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Attorney at law (2018). (+562) 3245 2700 · Annex 111 


Fernando Araya Rodríguez

Practice areas  > Electrical Engineering, Non-Conventional Renewable Energies (NCRE), Electricity Markets. Development and Evaluation.

Master’s degree from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María in Energy Economics - Chile (2007)

Asesor Comisión Nacional de Energía (CNE) 2018   (+562) 3245 2700 · Annex 116


Luis Fernando Maldonado Venegas

Practice areas  > Tax Planning and Management, Taxpayer Defense, IFRS Auditor.

Master in Tax Planning and Management, Universidad de Santiago, Chile (1998).

on Diploma International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Universidad de Santiago, Chile (2009) and International Certificate on IFRS (2013)  (+562) 3245 2700 · Annex 116


Joel Ortíz Colipi

Practice areas  > Tax and Accounting. General Accountant, accounts control and analysis, Preparation of Financial Statements and Results, F-29 and F-50 Forms Monthly Tax Returns, Fixed Assets Control, Banking Reconciliations, Expenditures and administration Reports, Preparation and Control of Cash Flow Reports, Wages Control and Centralization, Personnel Contracts and Severance, Accounting Books Control and Account Analysis Control  (+562) 3245 2700 · Annex 116


José Rodolfo Ravello Quispe

Practice areas  > General Accounting, Accountant Technician, General Accounting Support, Tax Documents Accounting, Processes before the Chilean Tax Authority, F-29 Form Preparation, Accounts Review, Documents Control  (+562) 3245 2700 · Annex 116


Valentina Eliana Arteaga Tapia

Practice areas  > General Accounting

On an Internship period for Accountant Technician Degrees. (+562) 3245 2700 · Annex 116


Carlos Valdebenito Romero

Practice areas  > Paralegal. Invoice and collect supervisor. Expenditures rendering, banking reconciliation and third party administration services. (+562) 3245 2700 · Annex 106